Hours had passed, and the conversation between himself and the woman had been nothing more than awkward, brief exchanges. He'd learned that her name was Charlie, and she was studying history at the local college. 

They'd made several attempts to escape from the grave, but to no avail. Charlie had dozed on and off, but Terst simply sat, staring at the sky. A mist had settled over the  over the graveyard (As best he could tell). The warm morning had become a miserable afternoon and before long a dank cold had settled inside the recently re-inhabited grave. 

Then suddenly, the sound of running feet, Terst stood, ready to yell when the running stopped. The crunch of something falling onto the gravel of the path echoed past. Then there was nothing but heavy breathing before a face appeared at the roof of the hole,

"Hello? Is anybody down there?"

Terst laughed with relief, and knelt down beside Charlie, yelling back up to the voice "Yes! Yes we're here. There's two of us, do you think you could help us out?"

"Of course," replied the voice, "But how?" 

"Are you wearing a belt?" he asked, and after a positive reply, removed his own and threw it up too the mysterious voice. "Tie them together, we'll use it like a climbing rope!"

A few minutes passed in silence, before the tip of a belt dropped down, just above Tersts head. Charlie, who'd remained quiet all this time, still apprehensive of the strange teenager who fallen in after her was the first to go up. He lifted her feet, to give her as much advantage as possible, she made it out the top with relative ease, and quickness. 

Tersts climb took longer, and was more difficult. But eventually they pulled him to the surface. An awkward silence settled over the trio after introductions had been made, his name was "Dre" but he was unwilling to give out anything else other than his name. He was short haired and thin seemingly dazed or confused. The trio stood in the misty graveyard, not knowing what their next move should be.

A faint scream tore through the air, simultaneously their heads snapped up toward to sound. It was coming from the school, and more voices were joining its haunting chorus.

The End

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