Dre - WakingMature

The boy woke up with a start to a piercing scream that shot across the graveyard like a gunshot in an empty forest.  Eyes darting from place to place, he quickly realized that he had been sleeping, and was surrounded by a row of tombstones that sat adjacent to a winding dirt path.  Twenty feet out in every direction, a thick fog encompassed the landscape, making it completely impossible to see.  That was a problem, because he felt an intense desire to know why he was here.

Why was he here?  Wait a minute...  Where was here? 

And most importantly, who was HE?

"Hello!?"  He called out to the fog, "Can I get some help?"

When he raised hand to his mouth to yell, he realized for the first time that his hand held a single white index notecard.  Curious, he read.


That was all.  Dre?  Was that his name?  It must have been.  Why couldn't he remember his own first name?

"You shouldn't be sleeping there."  An eerie voice behind him said.

Startled, Dre spun around where he was sitting, and came face to face with a kneeling man, thin and dressed entirely in black.  His eyes were sad and tired, but his expression was one of displeasure or annoyance.

"I'm...  Sorry..?"  Dre said, confused.

"You shouldn't be sleeping here."  The man sighed, voice dripping with annoyance, "The dead keep no company, save their own."  At that point, he looked down.

Slowly, Dre's eyes descended until they locked onto the dirt mound on which he sat.  He was laying on a freshly dug grave.  Quickly, he scampered off the mound and dusted himself off.  After standing, he looked up again to apologize...  But the man had vanished.  All that remained were the eerie greenish-blue rays of light pouring through the fog in inconsistent waves.

Now that the situation had become even creepier, Dre found himself running into the fog, aimlessly following the dirt path.  A couple of minutes of dead sprint later, he knelt down on the ground and clutched his side - something didn't feel right.

On that kneeling motion, Dre's eyes came across something very peculiar:  An open grave with a busted headstone.  He almost continued running, but stopped when he noticed a cell phone laying next to the edge of the grave itself.  Had someone fallen in?  He leaned over and looked into the hole, displeased at what greeted him back.  The grave he was looking at didn't seem to end for as far down as he could see.

"Hello?"  He yelled down the hole.  "Is anybody down there?"

The End

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