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Reinard walked over to the gazebo. Caroline promised to meet him here today. She said she had news, that she wanted to deliver face to face. Reinard stroked one of the soft petal's of the rose he carried. He too had something he wanted Caroline to know. Graduation was approaching near. If he didn't tell Caroline how he felt today, he may never have the chance. She would go off to her ivy league college and never look back. He couldn't have that. Over the years his friendship with Caroline had blossomed into something, much more intense. She was the only one who knew about the curse, and accepted him for it regardless.

He stopped in front the gazebo, something on the ground had caught his eye. A small field mouse, dead in the grass. He knelt down to pick up the creature's lithe corpse. It was Caroline, the humanitarian who inspired him to give back to nature. He closed his eyes in concentration. A moment later when he opened them the mouse was scuttling about in his palms. He lowered it to the ground.

“Reinard!” A voice behind him made him jump. He turned around to face Caroline. She clapped at his efforts. Reinard took a mock bow, which made her laugh. He loved the sound of her laughter, somehow it was rich and light at the same time. A strand of chestnut colored hair, fell over her cheek. Reinard let his fingers dig into his palm as he resisted the urge to move it.

The odd couple moved into the gazebo. Caroline sat in the bench opposite him. “Caroline if I may go first with my news, I've been keeping it to myself for years now,” he pleaded.

She nodded her head slowly and waited for him to continue. She was sure to keep her eyes averted from the rose he held. Reinard took a deep breathe. “Caroline we have been friends for over five years now and in all those years you were the only person who's ever understood me. My own parents even gave up on me at an early age, placing me in the care of strangers, but you always stood by my side. What I'm trying to say is that there is one constant in this world. You and I. We... belong together.”

Caroline lowered her head for a moment. Reinard grew anxious waiting for her to say something, waiting for her to confirm that what he just said was true. When she looked up at him her eyes were green pools of tears. “I'm sorry Reinard.”

Reinard stood up, his fist clenched the rose tighter. Thorns dug into his palm painfully drawing blood. “I thought you knew Rein, I'm with David now. I came here to tell you he proposed to me. We were going to be wed after college,” she admitted quietly.

Reinard's body began to tremble. His hands formed fists in his black hair. Caroline eyed him as if he were a mad man. Didn't she know they belonged together? If not that, than what was he to Caroline?

“We will always be friends,” her voice remained steady, yet gentle.

Reinard's breaths became ragged. “Friends? You are my whole world Caroline. Friends will not suffice!”

Caroline stood up to leave. “I'm sorry Reinard, if I led you to believe otherwise.”

He shook his head. “Right. Now I understand how it is. What we had was never real, because to you I am just a damn charity case,” he whispered.

Caroline stepped forward. “No, you were never a charity case I promise. Your my best friend Reinard.”

Reinard closed his eyes. The last thing he wanted or needed was promises of friendship. Had he not been good to Caroline over the years? He knew he deserved more. His mood made his palms tingle. His magic was calling out to him. He needed the distraction. He needed to do more with his curse. He needed to be greater, and to put it to better use, he thought darkly.

He opened his eyes, Caroline still stood before him with that worried expression. “Go away Caroline,” he warned.

“But Reinar-

“Go!” He shouted at her again. He watched her as she ran away from him. He didn't have any doubts in his mind that she would be seeking the arms of her beloved David. He crushed the flower tighter in his fists, and watch the petals break away and float to the ground.

The End

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