Dearest ReadersMature

Some things that needed to get off my chest. Somewhat of a diary/letters that need to be sent.

Dearest Readers,

I write this with hope in my heart, knots in my stomach, and tears in my eyes. I honestly wish I didn’t have to write these letters. But this is honestly what it has come to. This is going to be somewhat of a journal of letters. It’s also going to shed light on a few things, and get deep, dark secrets off of my chest.

The first one of these being: I like guys, I am just not attracted to girls. I never really have to be completely honest. But who I am attracted to, and who I love. That’s not the only thing about me, that isn’t what defines me. There’s more to me then just that, like: favorite color is blue, my favorite animal is a wolf, I’m a sophomore, and I absolutely love music and writing.

Please understand that this is not easy for me to come out and say, I know I am going to lose friends, I know that I’m going to be mocked. But honestly, this is for the best. I’m sick of crying myself to sleep over something I cannot help, I’m sick of being told it’s just a phase, I don’t want to live a lie anymore, I want to be me.

Sincerely yours,


The End

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