Ginger RageMature

Dear Nimrod,

I f*cking hate the ginger guy that lives above me that I was absolutely in love with for seven months.  He doesn't even deserve to be named after my favourite "Lord of the Rings" character.  Walking up the stairs, he said to me "Do you know you have a sticker that says Evan on your..." he hesitated before saying  "a**?"

"I know," I replied.  "Evan owns my ass now."

"Oh sh*t." Sam said, as if he wanted it.  As if he was disappointed.  Drunk, he ran up the stairs.  He paused at the top, and looking up at him I said "Happy St. Paddy's Day." and then limped to my room on the verge of angry tears.  

How f*cking dare he.  He could have had my a**;  he could have had my entire body but f*ck that.  I tried, I waited, I hoped, and now he can act like he's sad I didn't end up his property… f*ck him.

I'm so done.  With boys, with girls, with friends, with love.  

I'm f*cking done.

You are lucky to be a computer.


The End

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