Dear NimrodMature

My computer and I have a very close relationship. In the nights I spend utterly alone with too many words to say, I write letters to this piece of glowing electricity, and it soothes me. I hope these notes, both humorous and heart-breaking, can lend some comfort to those who spend lonely nights awake.

Dear Nimrod,

this is my first piece of writing on you, and I must admit it's going to take a little getting used to.  My old clunker, "Old Reliable" is finally done, and though I will miss my old girl, I know it's time for me to embrace the future.

Truth is, I don't like change. I cling to things long after their expiry dates because I don't like the idea of losing something that once was mine.

But, I have a good feeling with you.  I've only had you a few days and already I've been frustrated and mad at you.  

I think we're going to have a good relationship.

Because, really, what is a relationship when you can't express your feelings to their fullest, though ugliest, extent?

Not a healthy one, I'll tell you that.

But though I almost missed my job interview today because I slept too late, I was still thinking about you, worried I'd left my hair straightener on and burnt the entirety of my tiny dorm room down.  You were the object I was most concerned about saving.

My future boss, when I walked in, didn't reprimand me from being late.  He put his arm around me like he really cared, and everything in the end was okay.

I've been on auto-pilot all week, and it feels like I'm finally waking up.

I know what I need to do.  I need to let go.  I need to relax and stop worrying about things out of my control.  And though I'm stressed about so much – money ,my aunt being ill, and being alone – I trust, even if I don't know , everything will be okay.  And I hope you know, when I named you Nimrod, it was in the most endearing way.

Having you here tonight feels better than having a guy's arms around me and all the complicated things that are encircled in that embrace.  And that may be kind of pathetic considering you are just a tiny little laptop, but I don't care.

So, Nimrod, you'll get to know me better, and I you, but right now, it is time for me to sleep.  I made bad decisions tonight getting drunk and staying up, so the best one now is to sleep.  Thanks for being here for me. <3



The End

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