Dear Me

a letter to my inner self Alma, To my dead sister K, and to my ever confused heart

Dear me,

Every time I wake up in the morning, something feels wrong.

Something in me is missing like a peice of a puzzle that you need.

And that peice is love.

Something that is all around me, yet I do not understand it.

Alma, your are me and I am you, yet we feel the same loneliness inside us, but you take away the pain.

K, I never met you, nor will I because you didn't make it to this world. If you had, I imagine that we may have been very close, and you could show me what is broken.

You are both gone, and Alma, we are one now, because I no longer hear your voice in my heart. You still talk to me and others, but you could be soon gone for good if I forget you, and luckily I can't.

I may not be alone, but what I need to heal is still far from me, so I will thank you both for now, and pray that we can find that piece of the puzzle.


The End

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