Most of the time, I'm fine.

I'm not really thinking about it

Just doing life

Like you would have wanted me to



We're at your house

And I see your office

I sat on the floor so many times

Questions from me and answers from you

And the tears come


And then the letter from your mission

That mentions how we sang you into heaven

And I lose it

Tears stream down my cheeks

As I try to hold them back


With Grandma

I was mad at God

For oh, so long


With you

Every time it hits me

I'm mad at the world

For going on

Like you're not gone

Like my world hasn't been torn apart again

Someone else torn from my life

Leaving a hole in my heart


Every time it hits me

I feels like you left today

Not three months ago

Has it really been that long

Since my heart got that battle wound

It feels like three minutes ago...

The End

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