I miss you.Mature

You got to see Grandma and Jesus Thursday night.

Yesterday we had a graveside and the memorial service.

I think you would have liked them.



I read something at the open mike.

I hope you would have been proud of me.

I was really nervous.

My voice threatened to give out on me more than once.

Daddy stood up and put his arm around me.

There was something about him standing there that gave me the strength to go on.

I want to know something.

Could you hear us Thursday, when we were singing to you?

Could you hear me singing through the tears?

When you slipped away?

I miss you so much.

There's so much I wish I could tell you,

So much I want to do with you.

But I know you're out of pain,

You're home.

I love you...

The End

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