Shadow Girl

Dear Diary,

I guess I've always lived in the shadows. I've always been the less pretty one. The less athletic one. The less talented one. The less noticed one. 

Every crush I've had has liked someone else. Every talent I have has been downplayed by someone who can do it bigger, someone who can do it better. I've begun to get used to the fact that maybe, I'm meant to live in the shadows. When all my friends have their moments in the spotlight, I've come to recognize that my place is to step out and just let them be better than me. 

I got used to the shadows. I even...began to hide.

But then, Someone else stepped in. Someone Who lifted me up and showed me that to Him, I'm not just a Shadow Girl.

No, to You, God, I'm beautiful, talented, and exactly who You made me to be.

So I've stopped hiding away. You didn't make me to be a Shadow Girl. You made me to be Your beloved.

And to me...that's more than enough.

The End

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