November 16, 2010

Dear Diary, 

I thought oceans between us would change things. "Out of sight, out of mind." But the problem is, people also say "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I have been fooled by the lure of old idioms once again. 

The miles of sea and land separating us doesn't faze me. I think I am more in love with him than I have ever been at this moment, and it saddens me. I don't have the luxury of wondering what he's doing - I have a pretty good idea. Or at least, who he's doing it with. 

The snow is falling back home. I imagine them walking, hand in hand, a toque sloppily over his head, a scarf wrapped around her neck - and here I sit, in a land of sunshine and coral reef, sickened by the ferocity of my unending, unrequited love...

The End

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