Pie Problems



Dear Diary,

It's been my dream to open a tea-shop since I was four. But I've been thinking... do I really have the skill to become a Patissiere ?

I can barely scrape a decent coconut tart. Although my strawberry pound cake, sponge cake and crepes are skilled. My banana muffins aren't up to much. Everyone tells me im a great cook...

But I'm worried that if I don't get more skilled and improved my long-lasting dream will never come true. I've never wanted to do anything else except cook. But I've been wondering if my passion for sweets and such is enough to make me a better chef...

I love cooking, I love baking and I love sweets. Maybe thats all the motivation I need... but.. bahhh!!! all this thinking is making my brain hurt. I'm going to make some pancakes.

The End

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