Speed Brain.

Dearest Brain, 

I have a boulder I'd like to pick with you.

Ill just dive straight in... My biggest issue being bedtime. I love going to sleep. Snoodling up in my big heavy duvet on fluffy flannelette sheets with a couple of giant pillows. I do some work on my laptop then snuggle down for a good night rest. Just as Im getting comfortable, you decide to act like your on speed. Now dont get me wrong Im not accusing you of anything, But when I try and relax, You're there! Going a million miles an hour, thinking of everything at once, things that need to be done, things that havent been done, stewing on things, getting angry about things, thinking about naughty things!

And dont get me started on your over-active imagination! Yes I know it would be lovely to win the 30 million dollar jackpot, but you dont have to plan down the smallest detail what we're going to do with the money, including what colour the curtains will be in the house that we build, or the itinerary for our trip to Las Vegas !

Also when I have a fight with Jack, can you please not over analyse it? Telling me that I need to leave him or that he's cheating on me.. Just be a rational brain! Please!

So from now on, no more Speed before bedtime!

On another note, great job on the last assignment we did, fantastic work!

From me, your host.

The End

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