Dear Brain...

How are you my old friend? How is life treating you? Good? That's nice. 

You ask about me? Well, let me tell you I am fed up. I am fed up of you. You do what you want and I seem to have no say in things what so ever. Okay, so you argue that I do have a say because you are me. But that adds another point on the pile. You are so bright when you want to be.

But where was you in that exam I just did? I knew all that before hand. I knew what to do, but oh no you freeze up at the last minute. Thanks for your support and help. I was counting on you. Nice to see that I can depend on you. 

I'm being silly you say? I should have revised more, you tell me? But you didn't tell me that before the exam, did you. You didn't bug me to do it, like you should have done. If your so brainy, why didn't you remind me to do what I should have done. 

I'm ranting am I? Don't worry, I've not even started. I am sick and tired of you flashing the most embarrassing memories to me. I don't want to be reminded of all the things that make me want to disappear. I don't want to blush constantly. 

What about my good memories? Where do they go? In the bin it seems to me, as I can hardly remember some of them. 

And what is it with all these weird dreams? I don't want to wake up, after just being a pigeon. I mean, which other brain thinks about things like that. And that hair bomb? Where do you come up with these things? 

Thanks to you, most of my friends think I am a lunatic. Some of the things you make me say. Why don't you think before hand? Isn't that your job? 

Oh, you can laugh, brain of mine. But we'll see who will laugh last. I'll stop doing those little suduko puzzles you love so much. And all that maths you enjoy? Well you can forget it. Don't come moaning to me when your shrivelled and stupid. 

You started this war, my friend. 

So in short to your question on how I am. I am fine I guess. 

Damn don't make me change my mind like that!

The End

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