Dear Brain

To my brain I have only one main question. Why? You make me forget those things I want and make me wonder if I dreamed my life. You just don’t understand me, you paint me pictures about the words I write and then trip me when I write them. I think I understand you and then you change, my brain, how twisted you are.

I find myself wondering if I have schizophrenia and my other personality is you, you talk to me, but never are true, you may be right you may be wrong but you just blame me, but brain, how twisted you are. I like to talk but you stop me talking, I love to write I love to draw but brain you fail me, for I remember the whole thing in my head but brain. You stop me. 

 I want to make you realize how it would be to me, you think not of consequences but who you want to be, you murdered my child hood, you made me who I am, o brain. You ruined me in more ways than one.

Now even spelling makes me die  

The End

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