Katy - Sleep

I didn't pay attention to the journey or how I ended up being led down a dark staircase. I knew I should have been scared but I was finding it harder and harder to cling onto a reason to keep going. I felt like a zombie off myself. I fiddled with the fingertips off my gloves as I followed Liam and it was obviously showing my nerves.

"Are you okay?" I looked up and saw Liam had stopped and was watching me concerned. His concern for me was nice but was it real or was he just trying to help because he was part of this rebellion.

"Not at all" I confessed and Liam didn't seem really to know what to say so for a few minutes we stood there till soon I couldn't take it and went down the stairs ahead of him despite the blinding darkness. Liam was quick though to make sure he lit my way with the torch over my shoulder. Soon enough we came to a metal door with a keypad. "How do we-"

Soon enough though my question was answered as Liam's bare hand passed me. I jumped immediatly out of his way thinking he was about to kill me. That I had let a murderer fool me and followed him blinded by my grief which is when I saw Liam press his thumb onto the keypad which was really a scanner. It blinked green and quickly he pulled his hand back tugging on his glove.

He glanced at me then stepped past me pushing the door open. I found myself staring into a war room. You know those ones in the movies with people running around trying to organize things. Doors led off obviously to living quarters and all that but at the moment I was merely impressed with this.

At least ten gloved people running around all working on something different it seemed. "Wow"

"This way" Liam said putting a light hand on my back making me jump which is when he pulled it back. "I think you need to rest first"

I nodded quickly and followed him to one of the doors. We passed down at least three corridors and I couldn't tell you the way back but soon enough I was let into an almost... cell like room yet it was cosy.

"Here" Liam said letting me in. 

"Thank you"

"There is pjarmes in the cupboard. I'll come by in the morning to take you for breakfast and introduction"

I nodded quiet but Liam hesitated in leaving. He watched me with a studying gaze with concern mixed within. I shifted awkward which he saw and quickly left leaving me on my own.

I sat down on the bed. A bed. I hadn't had a bed to sleep on in a while. Gosh it was soft... I decided to lay down. "Very soft" I whispered aloud then soon enough fell asleep.

The End

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