Katy - Being Robbed

Jake whistled as we walked. I glanced over at him admiring the way his hair had started to flop into his eyes. He caught me looking and winked causing my cheeks to flush. "See something you like?" he asked nudging me in the ribs. 

I shook my head and glanced at his limp. "We should really take you to a doctor" I whispered looking up into his eyes.

"And risk you getting caught?" he says stopping then resting his hands on my waist pulling me in close carefully. "I wouldn't dare" he breathed touching the ends of my hair. He pecked my lips so quick that the fire didn't catch him. We'd been going on like this for about a month now. When it had happened I couldn't tell you. All I knew was as Jake twirled my hair round his finger it felt nice.

I was about to reply when a crash sounded. I span to look at it and found my eyes resting on a man who had been, it seemed, trying to sneak up on us. He yanked a gun up. "D-Don't move" he said stuttering from the awkwardness of his now loud arrival. Jake held his hands up so I followed suit. "Give me your money and valuables" he said.

Jake threw them over when suddenly the man eyes went to me and my necklace. A metal thing Jake had found and given to me. He nodded at it. My hand went round it. "It's worth no value"

"Hand it over!" he yelled walking over as if to grab it. Jake quickly got in the way and a bang went off. Everything froze before Jake suddenly toppled then man went up to me and tried to grab my necklace despite what he'd done. His fingers brushed my skin and set on finger. He yanked his hand away while looking at me terrified. I was looking down at Jake.

He wasn't moving and I felt ever so numb. I looked up at the man then removed my gloves. "No don't!" he cried but I jumped at him my hands wrapping round his throat. His skin set alight and he fell back onto the ground. I squeezed his throat tighter and the fire spread quicker. 

His nails scratched at my hands desperately but remember what Jake told me I slammed my forehead into his watching his eyes roll back in his head. When he stopped moving I let go rolling off covered in soot. I crawled over to Jake and felt the tears start to pour now the anger was gone. "No. No. No" I wailed my arms wrapping round him. His skin didn't burn though.

There was no living skin to burn. I wailed and soon heard sirens. I couldn't be caught. I grabbed the money and Jake's jacket and backpack before racing off. 

Keep going north. That had been our plan and I was keeping it.

The End

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