Katy - Introducing Jake

Jake turned out to be alright. We reached this small little cafe and we began to talk. His eyes stayed focused on my face unlike most of the people I knew who knew about my condition. "Two coffee's please and two orders of pancakes" Jake order when the waitress came over. She then left and I turned my eyes on Jake.

"Ordering for me?" I questioned.

"Trust me. This place is only good for coffee and pancakes" he laughed leaning back in his chair and stretching his shirt riding up allowing the girls in the cafe a glimpse of his chest. They all took the chance while I turned my gaze away and stared out the window. Skin didn't appeal to me cause I knew only harm would come if my fingers touched it and I'd been alone so long it just wasn't something I thought about. Touching someone was a fairytale. One I chose to ignore.

Jake had been talking apparently and not until now noticed I was off in my own little world. "Hmm?" I said turning back to him as he kicked my foot. I felt my cheeks heat up and looked down guilty. "Sorry, I should have been paying attention"

Jake laughed as our food arrive barely glancing at the flirting waitress as he slid one coffee and a plate of pancakes over to me. "No no, it must be cause of your hunger" he winked at me gesturing for me to dig in. So I did.

When the syrup touched my tongue it was amazing. It had soaked into the pancakes just enough and wasn't overpowering in the mouth either. I let out a happy moan and dug in more hearing Jake laugh. My cheeks turned pink and I ate the pancakes more slowly like him. "You were right. These are really nice" I laughed. "Thanks... Thanks for bringing me here"

"No problem" Jake winked and took a sip of his coffee. "I'm a runaway too so I know how hard the first days are" he looked at me. "I understand your reasons for running away were much more serious though. How... How long?"

"They came in when I was fifteen" I whisper.

"My cousin had it and... it was horrible. His father just handed him in. Kicked him out the door right to the company" he said staring down hard at his plate. "His scars hadn't even come in and his father just kicked him out"

"That's horrible" I whisper feeling how much worse my father could have been instead of over protective. 

Jake looked at me his eyes sympathetic. "I don't have to deal with it though" he said putting his fingers over my gloved ones. I flinched back and he also pulled his hand back. "Let me help you. Teach you to survive on the streets that is"

I nibbled on my lip watching his face seeing how his eyes stared into mine with a honest offer of help. "Okay" my lips said.

The End

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