Katy - Are you okay?

I soon reached a small town. I walked slowly cause my feet had started to get numb about an hour back which had meant I'd begun tripping over them. I found a park and slumped down onto an empty bench putting my bag between my legs. I was shaking terrified. What was I going to do now? Surely there would be report.

My dad would probably start looking for me too. That poor driver. I wonder what my dad would do to him. I took a slow deep breath. I needed to calm down cause there was no point in panicking. What had happened had happened and I couldn't go back and change it.

"I'm free" I whispered.

The words felt odd on my lips but they brought a smile to my face. I stretched allowing myself to smile before I saw my covered hands. I let then fall into my lap as pain shattered through me. I wasn't truly free though. Not of my curse.

It was with me everywhere and one day I could make the mistake of leaving my gloves off. My hands could touch someone and set fire to their skin. Like that women. How scared she'd been of me. How she had mentioned other like me. I mean I knew there were. I'd seen the company on TV talking about how they could help. My dad always had yelled at the TV screaming lies then sent me to my room. 

They were all over. I itched at my hands through my gloves. They really were starting to get itchy. I sighed and looked around before tugging them off and laying in my lap. I looked at the patterns all over my hands. The sign. It would soon start to spread and make it harder and harder to conceal. I swallowed.

"Are you okay?" I looked up to meet warm blue eyes of a boy who seemed just a bit older than me. He glanced at my hand. "Ah, guess you aren't" I quickly yanked my gloves on and moved to run but he stopped me making sure to avoid skin contact. "No no, its okay. I'm not going to report you. Look you look hungry. How about I buy you some food?"

I hesitated. "How can I trust you?" I whispered already excepting the idea of going with this guy in my head.

"How can you trust anyone?" he countered. 

I bit my lip. "I... I am a bit hungry"

He smiled warmly gesturing I follow and we started walking. "I'm Jake by the way" he told me. "What about you?"


"Nice to meet you, Katy. Don't worry. I'll keep you safe"

I looked at him hopeful and he just gave a really warm smile. Maybe I could trust this guy.

The End

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