A young girl with a mop of messy black hair burst from a pair of double doors into the crowded streets. People cried out in surprise a girl in a white hospital gown shoved past them, running as fast as she could. As bad as she felt about messing with their minds she couldn't stop. A pair of security guards ran out of the same doors and began their pursuit. One of them put a hand up to his ear as he ran.

"Boss, now might be a good time to press that button." he said into the ear piece he wore there. They passed a few dazed people that the girl had touched. The girl continued to run until a small metal bracelet on her right wrist started beeping and an electrical current shot through her small body. She fell to the ground and writhed in agony. Many people began to pull out their phones to record the poor child. The other security pulled out a strange looking device and turned it on, causing all the phones to turn off.

"Alright everyone clear out!" he yelled at the crowd. "Nothing to see here! This poor girl just needs to get inside before she hurts herself." He said as his companion pulled out a pair of gloves and put them on. He gathered her up into his arms and brought her back into the building she'd been trying to escape for ten years...


"Hyacinth, do you really think we'd just let you go?" A smooth, female voice asked with disappointment.

Hyacinth had woken up in a small room that held a single light right above where she lay. Groggily, she sat up to face the worst creature to ever walk the earth. Mellony Silverman, the director of this prison. Mellony stood on the other side of the room in her usual dress pants and suit. She folded her arms across her chest as she looked down at Hyacinth. Her dark brown hair was pulled up into a neat bun. Hyacinth stayed silent as Mellony walked over, put a pair of black gloves over her hands and knelt in front of her. She grabbed the girl's chin and forced her to make eye contact. Hyacinth tried to pull away only to end up with a long scratch down her cheek from a knife Mellony carried where ever she went. Blood fell from the cut, staining her lose white gown.

"Hyacinth, please don't make this harder than it needs to be." Mellony said in that disgustingly sweet voice as she pushed Hyacinth's hair behind her ear. Still Hyacinth said nothing. All she did was glare at the woman who had taken away any chance she had at a normal life. Mellony sighed as the silence grew. "We used to talk all the time you know. When you were just a cute little toddler. My sister was smart to put you under my care." Hyacinth spat at the woman and in return was slapped, causing her fresh wound to sting even more.

"You lost the right to speak to me a long time ago." Hyacinth said darkly. Mellony just clicked her tongue. 

"I'd watch that mouth of yours deary. You might find today's tests a bit more painful than they should." Mellony said before leaving the room. Once she was gone, Hyacinth lifted up the hand with the metal bracelet where the mark now reached her wrist and just like that, she began to cry.


At the end of the day, they threw her into the bedroom they'd given her when they'd first taken her here. It was a average size room that only had a single piece of furniture. A bed. Painfully, she limped over to her bed where she collapsed. She turned to look at the far wall where Mellony had graciously installed a program that showed the sky as it was outside. Hyacinth used this wall to fuel her desire for freedom. How long had it been since she'd been allowed to play at a park? Or to even see a park for that matter.

One of these days, I'll be free. She thought as she turned on her back to look at the white ceiling. And when that day comes Mellony you'd better watch yourself.

The End

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