Katy Lilith Jones

"I've brought you your lunch for the trip" my father said striding into my room. I looked up from packing my back which is when he saw my bare hands. "Put your gloves back on right now, Katy"

I scrambled over my bed to grab my gloves from the draw tugging them on before turning to face my father. "I don't like them" I whisper honestly as I fiddle with the finger tips. My father shook his head at me and zipped up my suitcase. 

"Just get downstairs. The car is waiting" he said. I raced off downstairs and scrambled into the car shaking. I didn't like making my father angry. Bad things happened when he got angry. Things had got a whole lot worse when the scars had appeared on my hands. I knew what they meant but I didn't know my curse. Apparently it hurt people. How I did not know. "Keep her safe. Don't let her out of your sight" I heard my fathers muffled voice telling the driver. "Straight there"

The driver slid into the car. "Of course, sir. Just straight there" he said. My father nodded out side the car then gestured I roll down my window so I did. He leant through giving me a piercing gaze with the reddish brown eyes we shared.

He watched me for a moment making me uncomfortable. "You better behave, Katy Lilith Jones. Don't take off your gloves. Don't get out the car. Be nice to you aunt when you get there"

"Of course, father" I whisper then feel his rough lips kiss my forehead before he leans out of the car moving back. The driver set off. I slumped in my seat fiddling with my gloves. I looked up in the mirror to see the driver glancing at me worried. No, he was scared. Scared of what I could do to him. I really hope my father knew he could trust him. I was going to my aunts and the trip was a long journey.

My father thought it would be good for me to get out of the city and see the country side. We drove for hours and soon I was nibbling on my lunch. The driver yawned. "You should pull over and take a break" I suggested.

"No, I told your father that I'd take you straight there"

"Well, I need the toilet"

The driver was silent for a moment but when we reached the next services he pulled in. "Be quick" he said simply. I headed into the services going to the toilet. As I was there I began to think. Do I really want to be trapped all my life? Never see the world as I wish to see it.

I had tried before to escape. Now was a perfect opportunity to try again. I checked the buses passing through this service and saw one going now. I tugged my hood up and ran towards it buying a ticket and taking a seat at the far back. My heart was pounding. I checked my carry bag. I had money on me that my father had given me to give to my aunt for my care for the next three months. I began to count it out. There was £400 in total. I didn't know how long that was going to last me. I'd never run away before or lived on my own. The bus took off and I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. It was my father.

Biting my lip I turned the phone off. I opened the back and took out the sim. I'd have to get a new one if I wanted to use my phone I thought as I shoved it into my bag and took out my drink. With my hands shaking I took a sip. I then noticed I still had my gloves off. I moved to tug them on. One thing my father was right about. Keeping the gloves on at all times.

I saw a women saw my hands and tensed. She then went on her phone. "Excuse me?" I said sliding over. "May I borrow your phone?"

"No, I need to call you in"

"Call me in?" I frowned. 

She pointed a finger at me. "My nephew was like you and he killed my brother. You're going where they can take care of you" she said. I panicked I grabbed out at the women my hands closing around hers. She screamed I pulled my hand back seeing hers on fire. My eyes widened. The bus pulled to a stop. Everyone turned to look. One old man flipped out yelling satan.

Terrified I bolted off the bus and stood on the side of the road for a moment. What was I going to do now? I asked myself as I made sure to pull my gloves on this time. All I could think of to do was run. So that's what I did.

The End

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