Breaking PointMature

Everyone was slumped around, panting. Jeremiah at the door, pressing furniture closer together to make a better barricade. Olivia in the corner glaring at Kyle, and Kyle doubled over, trying to catch his breath. "You really are a moron, you know that right?" Olivia sneered.

Kyle didn't reply he just fell over on his back, stretching out on the carpet. "I mean we had a clear path to the roof! Why didn't I leave you behind?!" Olivia shouted over the constant pounding at the door.

"Because he's charming," Jeremiah answered mockingly.

Olivia embarassed, she unclipped her gun, Kyle just frowned and turned his head away, gazing at a painting of Venice on the wall. "So what's the plan bud?" Olivia asked turning to Jeremiah.

"I honestly have no clue, the roof and the main floor seem equally difficult to get to," Jeremiah told slumping down on a sofa.

The doors paint beginning to crack, Olivia reloaded her shotgun with new shells. "Any bright ideas Kyle?" she asked sharply.

Kyle slowly pulled out his revolver and opened up the wheel, letting the rounds fall to the ground, and then proceeded to drop the gun itself. Olivia looked at him awestruck. "What the heck does that mean?" she asked angrily.

Aloofly, Jeremiah turned to her and answered. "It means he gives up. He throws in the towel. He no longer wants to fight. Is that what you want to do Kyle, quit?" Jeremiah asked.

Frowning, Kyle ran his fingers through his hair, and looked up at the ceiling silently. "You're unbelievable..." Olivia breathed.

Kyle cracked. "I'm unbelievable?! Who's all gun-hoing it here?! I was just fine at my little set up here. Food, water, gear and a suit for a rainy day. Now, I have frick all! I've been trying my best to get people out of here for the past 4 fricking months, not putting one thought towards my survival, just those of others. So don't you be questioning my actions, I'm just trying to get us all out alive! If I had it my way, we would already be on the roof, getting our asses out of the city!" Kyle shouted.

"That's where I was heading! YOU had to wait behind and use your little toy! You feel any more manly you little..."she trailed off.

"Wait, there's an exit on the roof?" Jeremiah asked.

"Yeah. I've set up what can pass as network of bridges across the rooftops. Just ladders really, but certainly useful, I told you about it the other day," Kyle told looking down the barrel of his gun.

"Well why didn't you guys leave?! You could have gotten out!" Jeremiah shouted.

"I was NOT leaving without you. I've had enough failures to last a lifetime," Kyle told clicking the trigger.

A bang was then heard, not from Kyle's gun, but from a determined zombie trying to get up close and personal with the last 3 people in the city.

The End

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