Ollie: Down with fireMature

"Was that any use?" I gasped as we were now running up the stairs and Kyle weighed down by the empty flame thrower suit.

"Got a lot off are back" Kyle said as he yanked another piece off.

"Yeah, till one got behind you and bit the tank. You would of got killed if I weren't there" I say shaking my head. Thats when we reach the top. "Shit where now-" BANG!

The elevator doors fly off slamming into the crowd of zombies. Jeremiah stumbles out coughing. He see us and runs over. "Trouble gone?"

"No!" I yell and point at the new even more pissed off zombies. Seriously, piss off a zombie and they just start running or sprinting. We turn and race for the roof exit which guess what? Is blocked by zombies. "Damnit" I swear pulling out my pistol and dagger. "Any better plans?"

"Fight?" Kyle surgests and begins shooting as does Jeremiah. Brutally may I add and hardly tactical. Me, I do what I know. I mainly use my knife as I begin to fight. Cut, cut, shoot, then the zombies down. Basically, legs off double shot to the head. Oh another tip check the zombies dead before turning your back. I turn and shoot a Zombie sneaking up on Jeremiah who looks at me thankfully.

I merely nod and return to my section. We eventually kill off enough to get to a room and border it up. Another plus. It has no windows.

The End

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