Wildfire 1.0Mature

Breaking down the door, Kyle knocked a few zombies back into the opposite wall. Pointing his revolver square in the forehead, he executed the three as Olivia ran down the hallway. Slamming the door shut, he booked it down after her, hearing bodies immediately slam into the door he closed. Hearing zombies shuffle up the stairs, Kyle shouted, "Olivia! Back here! In this room!"

Running into a door with a red "X" on the door, Kyle waited as he heard Olivia run back, and then slammed the door shut behind her. Panting, Olivia rounded on Kyle, "What the heck are we doing? We need to get to the rooftops! That's our only way out you stupid, idiotic..." Olivia ranted before being cut off by Kyle.

"Calm down! We need to keep our heads, and I have a good reason for pulling you back, look," Kyle told walking furthur into the room.

It was a simple hotel room, chairs and sofas and tables covered in white tablecloths to keep them clean, with the windows boarded over for protection, except one small detail. This being an odd battlesuit sitting in the middle of the room with hoses running this way and that across the arms and back. "Give me a hand will you?" Kyle asked strapping on a pair of boots while dropping his weapons to the floor.

Confused, Olivia came over and started putting the wierd suit on him. Closing leg clasps, heaving the heavy chestpiece over his shoulders, and strapping the odd arm shaped contraptions on lastly. With zombies beginning to bang at the door, two tanks remained dangling by some weak hoses sat on the ground, prompting Olivia to finally make a guess at to what the contraption was. "Is it, a flamethrower?" She asked tentatively.

Shrugging the pieces in place, Kyle nodded. "It is, I got a friend to construct it for me as to repay a favor he owed me," Kyle answered pointing to the tanks.

Heaving the tanks up, Olivia clipped them onto his back, and picked up a modified welding mask perched on one of the chairs. "Brilliant really, possibly the most effective weapon against this zombie horde. I didn't use it though because I was a little low on fuel, and decided it was best to save it for a rainy day," Kyle told taking the mask and putting it on ignoring the cracking at the windows.

Picking up Kyle's revolver and rifle, Olivia was stopped when she picked up the claymore. "Sorry, that stays with me," Kyle told with a slightly muffled voice.

Strapping the sword around his hip, Kyle turned to the door and clicked the flamethrower to life. Knowing what to do, Olivia stood behind the door with her hand on the handle, looking at Kyle with a hopeful glance, a nod, and then she flung the door open. Spewing out flames, Kyle pushed the zombies back into the hallway, them screaming and shuffling away. Stepping into a charred hallway, he threw fire down towards the zombies in a giant plume, setting the walls and old cieling alight. Crouching behind Kyle, Olivia took aim and blew the legs off of a few zombies that had finally broke into the small hotel room they were once in. Don't worry Jeremiah, Kyle thought, We're coming back, we're going to do this as a team, or not at all.

The End

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