Ollie: TiredMature

I was tired of this. Tired of the running. I sighed as a Zombie got to close and I did a spin kick. A blade sort of shot out of the toe of my shoe before slipping back in. Kyle just looked at me slightly freaked. "What? Think a girl can't fight" I stabbed behind me into a zombie with my knife then spinning to slice its head clean off.

Which is when the hoard got mad and came coming in a blind rush of rage. Me and Kyle turned and ran. "Do you think Jeremiah survived?" I asked Kyle as I raced slightly ahead of him.


"He's an idiot. You don't fight in a hoard. He's gonna get bite" I say shaking my head. "Or infected the other ways"

"Other ways?"

I turned my head to look at Kyle. "Oh my god, you don't know do you?"

I watched as Kyle shook his head and we raced through a door slamming it shut. "What other ways?"

"Through any cut, if they scratch you and break the skin. Getting the toxins in your mouth" I whisper.

"Shit, we have to go back for him" Kyle swears.

"We can't theres to-" I cut myself off and listen. "Are there windows to this room?"


"Is there another exit from here?"

"Yes, why are you asking?"

"They're climbing the walls" I snap. Okay, now I'm not crushing on this guy. At least I can keep my head straight. The first window smashes and I yank out my pistol firing once an blowing his head to pieces. The zombie moan angrily in protest. "Oh shit, I've pissed them off. Exit?"

"This way" Kyle says leading us off in another direction once again.

The End

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