Light filtered through a broken window, light red bloodstains from the past spotted the carpet. An occasional howl annoyingly filled the night and my newly found gas mask was doing very little to quell their noise. Groaning, I rolled of a couch and hit the floor with a dull thud. Kyle asked "How was the nap?"

Pulling my gas mask of, I mumbled "Still tired, but my bodies stopped aching." I grabbed my backpack of the floor and threw the mask into my backpack, walking to the door.

Kyle asked "Where are you going?"

I growled "Gonna make sure Ollies not a Zed."

"Zed as in zombie."

My hand yanked the door open "Yeah, JTF2 came up with it."

As I walked out of the room, Kyle yelled " JTF2?"

I walked to Ollies room, listening to Kyles footsteps "Joint Task Force 2. Poor bastards were on the front lines, buying the military time to properly mobilize." I stopped by Ollies door and knocked. No answer came. Kyles shadow came into full view. Sighing, I smashed my fist against her door. Finally, her voice answered "What, what?!"

Kyle slowly said "See? There's nothing wrong with her."

Turning around, I noticed his wide eyes and slightly open mouth. He thinks I have PTSD, unlike him, I've had training for it. He's worse of.

The door opened and Ollie stepped out with sleepy eyes. She brightened slightly at the sight of Kyle, her slightly red skin raising a bell. I raised my gun and Kyle slapped it down, yelling "What's wrong with you?!"

I shouted "Look at her fuckin skin!"

"The sun is shining red light through the windows!"

Ollie looked ready to fight, her face twisting in fury and shock. The sound of a breaking window echoed inside the hotel. Kyle shot a dirty look at me and stated "I know the way out, just follow me."

I nodded and we followed Kyle down the hallway, loud groans behind us. We ran through a set of double doors and skidded to a stop. Zeds were in front, screaming. I crouched and took out three zombies. Five Zeds fell to the ground and I ran over their bodies. Something tackled me into a place where a staircase should have been. Parachute training kicked in and I collapsed on one leg, smashing into the rubble on my side. A zed rolled onto my chest and grabbed my head, it's jaw snapping. My hands grabbed it's neck, barely holding it back. Adrenaline filled my veins and my hands rotated it's head to an un-natural angle. A loud pop filled the air and I pushed it's body to the side, only the eyes moving. I looked at the top of the staircase and saw two shadows running backwards, their gunshots casting occasional light into the hallway. The wall turned flickering black as the dead followed them, screaming for their blood. Shit, I can't climb out of this... maybe they are thinking. 

The End

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