Ollie: Cracked IceMature

I stared from the grate of the sewers across the street. A hotel, the radio signal had led me to a hotel. I looked up and down. There were zombie corpses on the floor and some zombies cracking out of the ice they were in-cased in.

I swore and began to open the grate pulling my shot gun out once again. The weapons I had were a shot gun, several grenades, a pistol, a machine gun and a fuck load of ammo for most of my weapons. Oh yeah, then there was my knife.

I jumped and ran dashing across the street. Zombies came after me instantly and damn some of them were quick. They must have been newly turned. I slashed there necks causing there heads to fall off and blood to spray out at me. I got seven with my knife before I had to resort to my shot gun which was luckily close to the hotel door. I banged the door with my fist before I began to fire. My aim was perfect but I would soon be overloaded which was when I was yanked from behind into the hotel. I struggled but when I got free to turn round I realized I faced two grimy human males.

"You've not been bit have you" one of them demanded.

"No" I say my speech gaspy. "Who are you?"

"I'm Jeremiah" replied the one who had asked if I had been bitten.

"I'm Kyle" I turned my eyes to look at him and I had to stop my self from gasping. I don't know what it was about him that made him different. The deepness of pain in his eyes, the cut on his forearm, his messy uneven cut brown hair but there was something about him that made me want to blush.

"I'm Olivia" I whisper. "But I prefer being called Ollie"

"How have you been surviving?" asked Jeremiah pulling my attention away from Kyle.

"Struggling but it helps the fact I was a martial arts teacher, free-runner, gymnast and I've handled a gun before" I say calmly. "Is there any water here?"

"Um, yeah" Kyle said seeming distracted. "Follow me" he says turning on his heels and leading me into a kitchen. It was well stocked and the taps still worked but a filter had been fitted on.

"I need to sleep"

"I only use three rooms the kitchen, living room and bathroom"

"So I'll go find a corner in the living room" I say and go do just that pulling my sleeping bag off my pack and curling up in it.

The End

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