Dead CityMature

The dead turned in front of me half a block ahead. I raised my M4 assault rifle and fired rounds into the only spot that could kill them, the head. I closed the distance, only twelve meters away. More broke out of the ice and, panicking, I switched my rifle to fully automatic, screaming "Fuck yoouu!"

In-accurate rounds tore through their bodies, knocking most of them back down to the ground. I sprinted and jumped over their knocked over bodies. The hotel looked like it was only fifty meters away. Try and tear through concrete walls!

My lungs burned as I pushed my body to the limit in a full out sprint. The front doors of the hotel came into view. Almost tasting safety, I made it the rest of the way and slammed into the door, bouncing back. Whimpering, I stood back up and slammed the but of my gun into the door. My heart sank. Gasping, I screamed over the horde "LET- ME- IN- YOU- FUCK!"

Groans snapped me back to reality. I looked at the boarded up windows and turned around, looking at the way I came. Zombies were almost at a jogging pace, closing in. The door snapped open with a creak and a voice yelled "GET IN, GET IN!"

The End

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