5 weeks earlier......

"Ollie! Ollie!" I looked up to the infuriating eyes of my clients mother.

"Yes, Miss Peterson" I say calmly as I continue packing up my kit.

"Mark, my son, said that you said he should give up his hopes of being a martial arts champion. Why did you say that? I must insist you tell me"

I look up at her and when I see the fury in her eyes I know I'll be losing a client. "Because, Miss Peterson, your son couldn't punch a stuffed animal without falling over"

"I thought that was why I was paying you?" she snaps back.

"True" I reply calmly. "But it helps when the student actually listens to their master without saying they know better" Miss Peterson's face went bright red in anger and I sigh standing up. "Look, Miss. I'm only doing the best I can and if your son can't face up to the fact that he doesn't know everything he's gonna get nowhere"

I grab my duffel and begin to leave shaking my head. "You're fired, Olivia" 

If I had know five weeks later I would be kneeling in the gutters trying to follow some radio signal I might have been more cheeky and asked for a payrise.

I looking at my Radio tracker again and frown. I stick my arm out to the left and fire my gun twice knocking some zombie that had been stalking me for the past hour silently....wait... silent. My eyes go wide and I click my tracker back onto my belt. I shove my pistol back into my pocket and grab my shotgun off my back. I look out of the grate left and right before kicking my foot out knocking it right off and making one hell of a racket might I add. I race across the street and slide the last two metres so I slip straight through the lowand narrow gap. I land on my feet in another gutter and turn just in time to fire three shots pefectly. I turn then and run.

The End

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