Dead WalkingMature

It's been four months since zombies-popularly dubbed Zeds killed the city of Edmonton. A few people remain in the frozen wasteland, trying to survive.

The cold air froze my breath and bit at my hands. Grinding my teeth, I gripped my assault rifle harder, forcing hot blood deeper into my hands. Slowly, I looked over my concrete barrier positioned in the middle of the street. Red ice covered a sea of bodies along the street, stores' windows were broken and stone walls were cracked. Sighing, I ducked back underneath the barrier and dug out my radio. I gently pressed the talk button and leaned close, whispering "This is priv- this is Jeremiah. I will be at the Fairmont Hotel before dusk... I can provide some protection."

I let go of the talk button. Minutes passed and I pressed on the button again "Is anyo-"

A large cracking noise split the air. Panicking, I peeked over the barrier to see a sea of corpses incased in ice, eyes rolling in my direction. Several groaned and they all started shifting in an attempt to break free. I shoved the radio back into my jacket pocket and vaulted over the barrier. They're encased, this street is the quickest way to the hotel without taking the bridge.

My feet pounded the cracking ice as I ran over the encased corpses. A large smash filled the air and a zombie's howling voice pierced the cold air, echoing into the distance. Howls replied and my heart started hammering. Yes, that's the end of the street!

I skidded on the ice at the end of the street and turned right towards an old concrete hotel a kilometer away.  The howling grew louder and almost became deafening as the dead city awoke.

The End

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