wathcing slumber


Maloria lay sleep soundlesly in my arms. Her eyes closed peacefully, hey cheeks flushed slightly. how i love this girl. But one day some one will try to take her away. We all know she souldnt belong with us. She is a gifted human very gifted and easily loved. she reminds me of my sister when she was human vunurable and we need to protect her fragile soul.

I just sat their starying at her in amazment ignoring everything going on around us it was like being in our own bubble where nothing could happen. after a couple of hours she began to stirr.

she looked up at me looking slighly dazed I just chuckled to my-self, she sat up and her eyes welled with tears she flung her arms around me neck and begin to cry saying please don't leave me im sorry I'm sorry. Over and over again.

I hugged her back while rocking her in my arms reashuring here I'm going no where to try and calm her down as best as I could

The End

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