Time to choose


I look around this place is amazing this is everything I have wanted to live freely in the light, where I belong. I turn the the hunter.

"but what about my friends what will happen to them, Guy Is a good person" An evil smile creept up to his face I knew what he was thinking Death! I walked back into the darkness no I cant let you kill them Mary is innocent she helped save people, Athanasios hates what he is he despises drinking blood"

the Man looked sad when I walked away, it was the first time he showed emotion, but quickly the masc came back and I couldnt tell what he was felling, He smiled again and grabbed me Athanasios appeared, he was bleeding and holdin out his hand for help. I was screaming let me go let me go but the man just laughed. Guy apeaered I was shouting his he didnt hear me Mary was at his side holding mary's hand they both were smiling at each other both content and in love.

"stop this ive had enough of youre games" whispered bowing my head in defeat. they all dissapeard in the darkness again.

then man whispered " I guess you need time to think I'll be back remeber my face, my voice" he then let go of me but hugged me "remeber we can give you what you want and all love love you will ever need" he then dissapred I wank to my knees and cried. What do I choose the light, or the ones I love ? is it time to care for my-self or stay loyal to who I need the most?

The End

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