Yes or No?


I fall asleep in Athanasios' strong arms, the sleeping remady was truely lovely. I open my eyes to a blurry darkness; not the kind one would find in the 'real' world. I'm in the dream world now.

I stand up, my body shaking slightly as I walk around, my feet barely lifting from the ground. In the distance I see a small light, relief overpowers me as I sprint towards it, my arms in full motion as I move across the dark land.

The light is surround by the beauty of the human world, all the ugliness and impurities washed out and away. The grass is emerald, with little shoots of other colours acting as flowers. Red roses twirl around a tall lamp poking their blooming buds around the light.

White shadows twirl around dancing to the music of a stream, snaking around the setting, blue birds tweet soaring through the crystal sky. The sun bakes down on the earth, lifting amazing smells to me.

I move forward, to be a part of it. I can't, an invisable barrier stops me, keeping me in the dark world. A strange, yet familiar figure of a man strides towards me.

Athanasios, he grasps me in his arms, making me his by fastening his lips on mine. Another hand pulls my sholder away, I turn to see Guy fury in his eyes as he punches Athanasios. Mary appears from nowhere, screaming at them to stop as I stand in confusion at them fighting.

"What a beautiful world you live in," a scarcastic voice comes from the other side. I turn to it to see - you guessed it - another man, he has floppy sandy hair covering his large brown eyes. He - like Guy - is tall with a streamlined figure stands before me.

"What do you mean?" I respond, making Athanasios, Guy and Mary fade away into the darkness. I turn to them my eyes widening. I reach out for them, but the darkness acts as a cacoon, eveloping them in it. "NO!" I scream.

"Wha- Why?" I cry at the other person.

"They had to go, they're stopping you from your full potenticial." He says calmly.

"Who, the hell, are you?" I spit out.

"I am Ken, from the night hunters." As soon as he says the latter, I recoil back like a hurt snake. "Don'tbe like that, it was you that has been poisoned against us."

"Lier," I mutter out, my arms wrapping around me.

"I am not, they are. We try to help the humans. You, you can also help the humans by joining us. You could have anything you wanted," his hand reaches out to mine, he pulls me into the otherside. Making me feel instantly relaxed, I sigh in happiness.

"See," Ken whispers in my ear, "You could have anything you wanted, and live free." I nod, I have to look up to see what he's feeling. Nothing.

He smiles down at me, "So then, Maloria, what's your answer, yes or no?"

I bite my lip in thought.

The End

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