Sleeping remody


I wake up to a tapping on my door I groan my head feels like lead "come in" I sit up in my bed and turn my bedi side lamp. a small framed girl skips in to my room followed by Athanasios.

"Hello my names Mary nice to meet you Maloria, I'm sorry I woke it's just I really wanted to meet you to say thank you" she sat at the end of my bed all giddy and excited, how could I hate her she looks so inercent.

"it's the least I could do, youre Athanasios's little sister he's done so much for me" We both looked at Athanasiosand he looked down into the mug blushing slightly we both chimed in laughter.

"oh oh I nearly for got I made you a drink its a special remedy my mother taught me when I was human, itll help you sleep" Athanasios walked over and sat next to me and handed me the drink.

he thought in his head knowing I'd hear it, if you don't like its ok she wont be affended.

I took the drink off him and sipped it, ive never tasted anything like it, it was sweet and warm. "thank you it tastes lovely" Mary jumed off the bad squeeling with delight running out of my room calling for Guy.

we both sat in silence for a while until Athanasios broke it "Maloria I know youre hurting I dont need to be able to read youre mind to figure that out. I'm sorry my sister has come between to and Guy, it's just I havent seen her in so long she all I have left of my human life"

I gasped how did he know I was upset set I felt hot tear running down my cheeks I turned away so he couldnt see me cry I felt him put his arm around me and pull me on his lap as if I was a child.

"hush now Maloira youll be ok I'm here just let it all out" he  wisperes stroking my hair. Why did this feel right didnt I love Guy?

I cired for a long time and Athanasios just held me in his arms eventually the remdey started to work I fell asleep feeling safe and loved in his arms.

The End

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