I watch as Mary skips into Guy's arms, I smile knowing what Guy’s feeling. I should know I feel it for Maloria. Thinking of Maloria spreads a warm feeling through me; whatever idiot said that vampires cannot feel is dead wrong. I feel – what I presume is love – to Mary, and Maloria. I never thought I could care – as I do, towards Maloria – ever, especially after growing up in a loveless world. It’s something completely new.

Fri swaddles over, looking Mary over a couple of times a smirk forming on his lips. He raises an eyebrow at me, “Yours?”

“My sister.”

“Brilliant,” he smirks attempting to make a move on her, as she talks in her fast voice to Guy. Guy who in return nods, his eyes full of an emotion that, I suppose, I can also give – except not to my sister.

I stand, stopping Fri from getting to them. “You don’t want to go there, Fri. Not now, not ever. Okay?” I feel my eyes swirl with crimson as fury washes over me. He nods, going a ghostly shade of pale as he staggers off.

Mary looks up to me, “Where’s Maloria? I was hoping on thanking her.”

“What for?” Guy manages to get out. He continues to stare at my sister, I smirk again.

“She managed to get my clothes from the hotel I was staying at, I must confess that I’m surprised she found it. It was in quite a... Unusual place,” she begins to pace the room.

“Maloria’s sleeping, she hasn’t had much rest the past couple of nights.” I say, worry spreading through me, Maloria, are you okay? Maloria?

No answer.

“Oh, well I suppose I’ll just have to thank her in the morning.” She beams at us, “In fact, I think I might make my sleeping remedy I used to make when we were humans.” She turns to me, “What do you think Athanasios, do you think she would like it?”

“Hmm, maybe. If she doesn’t like the taste then she would appreciate the gesture, I’m sure.” I smile at her, she flitters of into the kitchenette.

I look across to Guy, who looks up to me, smiling with his eyes.  

The End

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