meeting for the secand time


I hear people gigling out side my room. I sit up in my bed was it all a dream. I get out of bed and dreg my feet to the door I see Athanasios prancing down the hall with Mary on his back, she turns around and smiles at me. My heart beats faster. What is this feeling.

I followed them to the dorm, Athanasios placed Mary on the floor she was giggling, her chapter sounded so light. I was walked and in sat in a cair facing mary. She looks at and she blushers and looks away at the floor. " I'm sorry for drinking youre blood I heard in youre head you dont normally give blood" she trailed off at the end it hurt me that I md her sad I wanted to pick her up and cuddle but i doubt her protective brother will let me live.

"don't be silly yes I don't normally give blood but that's because I thought it would hurt but it doesnt so well dont worry if you ever need me too I'll be here" I smiled at her she sqeeled with delight and jumped on my knee and hugged me "I knew you were nice!"

I hugged her back she was so light it was unbelivable, I looked up at Athanasios he was smiling at us and smiled at him I guess he's ok with me holding her.

The End

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