I lay on my bed, waiting for sleep to pull me into its grasp. I am so tired, it's true. When we got back here, Anthanasios took Mary to the biggest room for her to recharge her batteries - so to speak - he hasn't slept for a while yet either. Guy fell to sleep as soon as his amber head hit his pillow.

I tried to sleep, but couldn't. Therefore, I set off, looking for where Mary had stayed. I found her belongings in a posh hotel, obviously helping people paid well. I managed to confuse everyone in order to sneak in, once in her room I had frantically packed all her things into a couple of bags.

As I left, I had sensed the night hunters zone in, luckily for me I escaped - obviously, or else I wouldn't be here now. I came back late last night, I plopped her clothes in a neat pile, Anthanasios thanked me by hugging me and telling me to, 'get some rest.'

I did try, still am, but I am plagued by insomnia.

Rolling over to my right side, I rub my eyes, trying to make them sleepy. No such luck. In the distance, I hear Anthanasios and Mary play, at least she's alright, he thinks to himself, he pictures her allowing me to see her.

Coming along, Maloria? He thinks, obviously knowing that I can hear him.

No, trying to sleep. I reply, I hear a slight inward gasp.

Ho- Ok then, sleep well, Maloria.

I hear him canter off down the corridor, waking Guy up from his long slumber. Was it just a dream? He thinks, I can feel him moving around. I cut him, Anthanasios, Mary and everyone else here out of my mind, as I try to sleep again.

Blackness creeps over from the corners, they slowly caress the room, encasing it in its grasp. My eyelids become heavy on my face.

Three blinks.

Two blinks.



The End

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