she awakes


as soon as we got back I had her room already made for her arivel. It was a big room next to mine, it was a cream,with a big window, the moon light was shinging on the bed in the middle of her new, clean room.

Mary had been asleep constanly alsleep for two days, she was so badly hurt yet she was so brave. I gaze down at her I havnt moved from her side since we broaght her back. Maloria has been bringing me food to eat I didnt talk much i was too engrossed on watching Mary.

Mary stirred in her sleep and blinked open her eyes "Mary you awake youre ok"I said louder than I should of said. She groaned and rubbed her eyes. then she looked at me her eyes widened with joy "athansios yaaaay" she jumped off me bed onto my lap in one leap and hugged me tightly.

"oh brother how I have missed you" I hugged her back and breathed in her sweet scent I stroked her hair I remembered when she was little she constantly used to beg me to brush her hair for her.

"brother I don't have any cloths only this bloody gown" she looked at the floor and blushed I chuckled to my-self she hasnt, still changed very childish and forgetful.

"its ok I got Maloria find where ur were staying and braught all your belongings here, there all on your dressing table" she looked up at me such joy it made me smile, how I missed this feeling.

"Oh brother I love now wait outside till im changed" she jumped off my knee and squeeled with joy and ran over to where Maloria placed her cloths. I walked out of her room so she got changed. I was full with so much joy I had my sister back.

she walked out of her room she was wearing a red knee length dress with matching head band in her hair. her hair in loose curls flowed down her back. When our eyes met she I nodded I knew what she wanted I turned around and kneeled. She giggled, ran and jumped on my back, she was so light. "now lets meet the others" I said with a grin on my face I stood up and walked down the hall to the den.

The End

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