Guy practically stares at Mary, blood boils inside of me. WHAT DOES SHE HAVE?! I want to scream aloud, but I know, she's beautiful...

He stands up as she sleeps on Athanasios, her breathing levelling out as she sleeps, Guys eyes linger on her perfect form, "We should go now," he says softly.

I glance up to him again, and look away quickly again. I turn back to the main woods, walking inside.

“Thank you, Guy,” I hear Athanasios mutter to him

“It’s okay, she...” he searches for the right word, “She’s a good person and doesn’t seem to deserve to die,” I hear him shrug. That’s not the only reason why he saved her, he feels something else, something which I’ve never felt him feel before. But I’ve felt towards him.

I hold my breath as we walk, being sure to not look back, I feel a huge salty tear roll down my face.

Are you alright, Maloria? Athanasios asks allowed. I nod, feeling Guy’s curious gaze in the back of my head as we walk back to base.  

The End

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