lust of blood


Mary was drinking my blood ME giving blood to a vampire, it didnt hurt I thought it would but it doesnt. I cant belive Athanasios is actually letting his sister feed off after all I have done to him and what hes done to me. 

"Mary thats enough now" Athanasios said in a sweet comferting voice, Mary pulled away when she heared her brothers voice. she looked at with with such confusion and then at Maloria. I turned to look at her she looked so upset and sad, but why what did we do to up set I thought she'd want us to save her.

 the little girl stood up and tried to push Athanasios but he didnt even move "Brother, Brother  run Ryan is around some where please go before he hurts you please!" Mary was crying when she said this. I stared at her in amazment she had such a wonderful voice she was willing to die for her brother no sI couldn't hate her even if she was a vampire.

Athanasios swooped her up in his arms and cradled her to his chest as if she was his baby. "huush now Mary, Ryan's dead and youre safe you coming to live with me and my friends now sleep youve been badly hurt" He said it in such a comforting voice I'd never heard him speak like that before Maloria just stared in shock. Mary just nodded and closed her eyes resting her head agasint her brothers shoulder

I rose to my feet I was still shaky and tired from giving blood and looked at Maloria and the Athanasios and my eyes lingered over Mary, I whispered to frightened to wake the sleeping wonder " we should go now" Maloria looked up and nodded we walked back through the woods in silence

The End

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