My dream came true, a second after another, making me feel like a movie director.

"Please, we need to save her, she's the last of my race and she is all I have left," his eyes plead into us. I slip off Guy's back and edge towards them both, dropping to my knees as I reach them.

My eyes glow and I lower my head, "I can't do this," I feel eyes all around me bare into me, "I don't have enough blood to donate."

"I'll do it," Athanasios and I turn to see Guy stare at Mary. My heart turns violently inside my chest, what does she have that I don't!? Is it because she's blonde?!

"Are you sure?" Athanasios asks, a slight glimmer of hope in his voice and eyes.

"Yes," he kneels down next to me, pull down his leather jacket, I smell his blood through Athanasios. It smells good.

Mary's eyes snap open as he leans down, her teeth sink in like a human eating  a banana. Guy's eyes roll back, I can feel everything they feel, my eyes well up in hurt and betrayal. Betrayal? He isn't yours Maloria, he never will be now.

The End

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