expect the unexpected


Everything happened to be expected yet I couldnt help feel sceard we heard the  in scream of my sister, my hairs stand up on my neck as i realize she's in danger I look and Guy he nods and puts Maloria on her back, she looks so scared and frightened I amost want to rip her from him and hug to tell her I'd protect her but I couldn't my sister needed me more

We ran throught the woods at full speed I used all my senses to find the way we needed to go, we got to the claring, the smell of blood was strong in the air, the anger grew stronger. How dare he hurt my sister Ryan shall pay.

We entered the clearing Ryan was too set on killing my sister he didnt hear us enter  He lifted his sword for the final blow, I ran forward and knocked him to the ground pinning him I hissed at him "Don't you dare hurt my siser you low life"

He looked at me shocked of course he didn't know we would come and stop him I had the element of surprise for the fisrt time, I didnt waste time I took sword from under neath my cloak. Isaid in mh head knowing Maloria would be lsitening Maloria cover youre eyes itll get messy.

I lifted the sword in the and swung it down in a mighty blow, I sliced his throat, right threw so his head came off. I took my dagger and stabbed him the heart to make sure he was dead.

I got up and walked of the my sister limp body and picked it up, she was breathing shed me ok, she needed blood fast though. I used my poweres to heal her wounds. I turned around to face Maloria and guy.

"please we need to save she's the last of my raise and she all I have left" Gur nodded and so did Maloria, relife washed threw me my sister will be ok.

The End

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