"Wow, I didn't know the world could be so wonderful," Maloria glances around at every corner of the woods a look of glee in her eyes. A growl escapes from my mouth, Athanasios looks at me chuckling.

We both know what he's thinking, he can give her the best of the world - senses wise - whereas, I cannot.

"Come on, Mary doesn't like to wait long," Athanasios says, his voice full of happiness - odd for a vampire. They walk along side by side, Maloria with an extra bounce in her step.

"I would actually, love to kill you," I mumble, suprised that, that slipped from my mouth. What the hell is wrong with me?

Maloria turns around to face me, her eyebrows clumb together looking confused. She cocks her head to the side, "Are you alright?"

"Yes," I snap, "Why wouldn't I be?" Athanasios shoots me an evil look. I shoot it back.

"Oh... No reason..." She wanders off in a daze. Athanasios advances on me, his eyes sending daggers, I grit my teeth.

"Er, boys..." Maloria's voice makes both out head snap around, we glance at each other quickly in hatred, then back around. "I-I think we're.... We're here...."

We're at either of her sides in an instant. "Are you sure?" Athanasios has a hard - yet loving - voice.

"... Yes..." My hand grips her's on an impulse, she holds it tightly. Athanasios glances at it once, twice, third times the charm. He looks away into the dense woods.

I look into Maloria's eyes, they're glazed over in silver, This is news.

The End

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