life threw another anorthers eye


I followed Maloria into the woods she said she reconised all this from her dream, that if we followed the route we took things would turn out the it did in the dream. Ididnt want it to though I dont want Mary hurt my I didnt say anything

The woods were breather taking, it helped with my senses being more stronger, Maloria doesn't go out much to afraid. I speed up and I lay a hand on her shoulder he heartmissed a couple of beats iunder my touch, this makes me giggle how silly human hearts were.

"Maloria look at the woods but threw my senses there alot stronger than your's" her eyes lit up and she nodded. she stopped walking and she closed her eyes. I could feek her entering my mind she said in my head show me then.

I look at the stars and the moon and how there brilliant light  shine's down on our surounding, the grass moist it must have rain  today, the water clung to the grass like little diamonds been glued on. I listened to the owls cueing to eathother, I smelled the sweet grass, the flowers then Icatch the of smellof her  and how intoxicating her blood was. she pulled away and gasped.

"wow I didnt know the world could so wonderful" she looked around herslef in amazinment. Guy growled I chuckled now that's one thing I can give her he can't

I said in a more cheerful vioce "come on Mary doesn't like to wait long" with this walked along, both of us happy apart fomr Guy, he was dragging his feet mumbling under his breathe on how hed like to kill me

The End

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