I smile at them, and suddenly Guy glaring at Athanasios who, in retern hisses.  What is wrong with this world?!

I sigh, a little dramatically, my eyes dropping to the ground, "Let's be on our way, shall we?" Optermissium suddenly overcomes me as I look up to Athanasios, "I can't wait to meet your sister!"

It's true I can't. Even Guy seems to be fasinated by the thought of her - I suppose the picture didn't.

We walk out of the building, the sky a midnight blue, the black sillouettes of the surrounding trees blur slightly into the surroundings. I sigh happily, the smell of damp grass flying into my nostrals.

I walk in the middle of Athanasios and Guy. My frilly, knee length skirt bustles in the breeze. Guy looks down at the skirt, raising an eyebrow, A bit noisy isn't it?

And? I can wear whatever pleases me, so, I shall wear this. Ok? I cock my head up to him, surprise lights in his eyes. It doesn't shock me, I don't think I've ever spoken to him in such a manner before.

I hear Athanasios chortle slightly under his breath. "C'mon," I say aloud, marching off ahead. I feel amusement behind me and... it's mutual... Odd...

I turn around to see the guys raising eyebrows at each other, smiling. The look means one thing, She's crazy.

I sigh loudly, they turn as I march off into the woods, the perfect cover.

The End

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