I was getting ready fot the fight I looked in the mirror I was wearing my long black cloak it had a big hood so when I put it up you couldnt see my face but my glowing red eyes it was also floorlength. Underneath black baggy pants so i can run and my red shirt few button at the top unfasened. Yes i can see my reflection most vampire tales arnt true, Garlic, holy water andrelgious symbels do nothing, yes I am immortal and no sunlight wont kill me but it does give us slight head aches.

I don't know why Guy hates me I mean is it because of what I am, I did not choose to become a vampire I was forced to be one or I would of been killed. How could I have chose death and leave Mary by her-self ? mother and farther had died and I had found out about the vampire race. the vampire leaders found out I knew about them, Francis saved me by begging saying he would turn me so I was forgiven and I was turned and doomed to remain the same age for ever, isn't that punishment enough without Guy making it worse?

I placed my samorai sword underneath my cloak and joined the others, I couldnt wait any longer I longed to hold my little sister in my arms. Maloria turned smiled sweetly, it made my hear skip a beat, if only it could beat. Guy turned and glared, I hissed at him.

Maloria sighed "lets be on our way shall we? I cant wait to meet your sister"

The End

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