After the boys parted their ways, I collasped on the chair Guy had been sitting on. It still smells of him... Is that weird? Yes? Oh... Well... I smirk at my maddness. I find an old iPod, plugging myself in I turn Sandi Thom on.

Lonely girl plays, making me sigh in thought. I let my senses leave me, looking for the guys again. Athanasios is in his room thinking about his sister, old friend and his hatred for Ryan. Guy in the secret room. thinking about Athanasios' beautiful sister, jeliousy soars through me. Both of them looking for isolation.

Why do I hate him so much, beacuse he loves Maloria? Guys thoughts make me sit up straight like a wooden board had been shoved up my back. What does Maloria mean to me?

What do I mean to you?

Great, and now I hear her voice in my head. No way is she doing this on purpose, she can't.

I tune out of his thoughs, he's wrong of course. Dead wrong. I'm more powerful that anyone here - including Athanasios - knows.

Athanasios' face shines in my mind, mirrored by Guy. Two guys, Guy with light bright amber gold hair and cloudly eyes, never showing what he's really thinging. Athanasios with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, which show what he's feeling - well, when he's angery or thirsty. Both guys are good at hiding their emotions, but not their brains.

I cry out in confusion. I love Guy, but Athanasios is so nice to me, he's always looking out for me. He likes me too... So, should I? Or shouldn't I?

Maloria, stop with all of this, you don't even know what you are, let alone what you want. I push myself up, put the kettle on and pour myself some camomile tea to calm my nerves.

We need to find Athanasios' little sister. That's a priority now. She does good, we... we need to help the ones who actually help our cause, that will boast our repution and... and would finally allow us to walk in the sun without a risk.

It hasn't always been like this, at least, not for me. I was just you're average little girl, dancing in shows, running in sun, playing in the parks. When I turned thirteen though, that's when it all changed. My powers started, I could hear what everyone was feeling. My strength grew, my patience snapped, I needed other things.

The night hunters branded me as dangerous, just because I killed a man. He deserved it though. He... He tried to... I pushed him away, he fell back on a sharp rock, it connected with his temple. He died straight away.

I still have nightmares about it today. It was Guy that saved me, Ryan came to me a couple of days later after the police had tried to speak to me. He killed my parents, who'd have thought that they were demons? As a daughter of the demons, I was condemed to death.

Guy rushed in, using his full speed, he picked me up and flung me over his back and ran with me all the way back to our old hideout. He told me that Edward had sent him to save me. But, on Edward's death bed, he said that he didn't tell him to save me, but he wished he did. It was Guy's actions alone. He is so confusing.

I remember what Edward had said, 'Be careful, they will come on hard and you need the boys, don't break them.' He told me to fetch Athanasios to talk to him.

My eyes cloud over remembering what he had said, what did he mean, 'don't break them.'? Ahh! Why are they all so bloody confusing?!?!

The End

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