after we came up with the plan on how we were going to find  Athanasios'  Little sister I went back to my secret room, I felt sorry for him finding out that he was going to find his sister being attaked again.. I shook my head no ! I wouldnt feel sorry for such a beast.

But she hasn't done anything wrong has she? I bet shes a eally nice person going around saving people. I hope she is ok? what if she  locked up? Stop thinking about her  why I  never met her.  Athanasios showed me a photo of her as I hadnt seen her and Maloria as she only saw nearly dead. she look so energetic, I bet she was full of life? Urhhhhh this is annoying me now, I cant get her out of my head!

I stood up and started to look at books to see anything that jumped out Shakespear, Lewis caroll I stopped at a hard back version of Bram stokers dracula and picked it up, it was covered in dust so I blew it off.  I remeber seing Edward reading it he said it belonged to a good friend.

 Athanasios,  Happy 16th you are like a son to me, I hope this book makes your blood curdle with fright! Bram Stolker

When I read this Edward called that beast a good friend? He knew the Bram Stolker i threw the book across the room  It created a bag as it hit the wall, I watched it slide down the wall. Why did I hate him so much was it becouse he loved Maloria?and  what did Maloria  mean to me?

The End

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