"What sister? Explain yourself," Guy growls threw his teeth.

I growl back, "My sister, obviously."

"Yeah, no sh*t Sherlock. Explain why you hadn't told me - or anyone else - about her before."

"It's got nothing to do with you." My lip starts to curl back, showing the top of my teeth.

"BULL!" He explodes, jumping to his feet, I copy as an instinct. "It has everything to do us! Why the hell didn't you tell us?"

I don't answer, my nails curl into my palms.

"Well? If it effects your fighting and judgement, why the hell didn't you tell us about it-"

"Her, she is still a person."

He snorts. "A vampire more like."

"Go to hell."

"I'm already there." We go together, I see my murderous gaze reflected in his eyes, which show the same emotions.

"BOYS!" Maloria bellows, jumping between us. Guy automatically steps back, I see the hurt in her eyes as she looks down at the ground. Anger shoots through my boy, he just doesn't learn!

"Athanasios," she looks directly into my eyes, making me pause, my breath catches in my throat. "Don't, please." I step back, a brush raising to my checks.

"My sister, is Mary. She was turned by my best friend-"

"Some best friend, comdeming her to this life." Guy mutters.

I clench my teeth together, my nails going even deeper into my ice cold palms. "Some 'humans' decided to take advantage of her, they then stabbed her, leaving her to die in the polluted alleyways of London."

Guy looks away, obviously he has feelings. Maloria looks in the distance, her eyes glazed over.

"He saved her, the one and only Ryan killed him after we killed the humans. Ryan disappered before I could lay a finger on him, my sister made a life for herself. She roams around, saving peoples' lives, not settling. She was sixteen years old. She was... small, taking after our mother."

"So she's what? Two years younger than you?" Maloria asks, her eyes going back to their usual colour.


"Did you say, she's the last of your race or something?" Guy asks, his forehead creased. At least you're being civil now.

"Yeah, the Night hunters went on a vampire hunting ramage during the Gothic years."

"Sh*t." He rolls his head back, looking the ceiling. Maloria looks at him with longing, I look at her with the same expression.

The End

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