little sister


I woke up to the sound of Maloira shouting in my head telling me to come to den, urhh its too early for this. I drag my-self from my chair and out of my secret room. I bumped into Athanasios on they was to the dorm, we bothed hissed at each other. why wasn't he dead? I bet Maloria gave him her blood urhh. I cant belive this was affecting me so much, why was a feeling so jealous of the intamacy of them sharing blood? I shook my head I was being silly.

When we got into the dorm she told us where to sit, the dorm is a round room with a table in centre, also round made out of oak wood. Maloria cleared her throat which made me look at her i could see the marks on her neck that made me feel sick inside." Well im sorry i disturbed you but I had a dream and I think it will come in usefull,  was you planning on surpires attacking the hunters and taking me with you"  Athanasios and I gasped then glared at each other both thinking why did you tell her!

"relax, relax I guess I was right it was in my dream  but the thing is we don't make it we get distracted Ryan attaks a little girl in the woods, Athanasios you stop and kill him, for once but the sight of the girl brings such sorrow to your eyes you said she was the last of you kind"

I looked at Athanasios and he looked worried but anxious "Maloria can you show me you dream, dont worry drinking you blood isnt the only way you can show me things" This annoyed me how can he see in here mind and I cannot.

Maloria simply nodded she walked over to him and placed her hand on top of his they both closed their eyes. "Now think only about youre dream"

I watched as she showed Athanasios her dream, after ten minuites i heard him gasp he let go of her hands and see sank to her needs in front of him he looked so worried and scred " my little sister we need to find her"

I said threw my teeth "what sister?  explain yourself"


The End

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